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Purium Superfoods Super Store - The brand you can trust, formulated by the author of "The Green Foods Bible."

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"So Why Should I Trust the Purium Brand?" Watch the video ...

"They take Superfoods, seriously."

"Purium is the most authentic and serious superfoods manufacturer on the planet, offering 54 nutrient-dense superfoods and super greens. No other company comes anywhere close to their commitment to education, and pure and premium superfoods."

Author, formulator, and Co-Founder of Purium ... David Sandoval, shares his philosophy so you can see the integrity and perfectionist quality behind all his Purium products.

Purium Makes Real Food a Priority for Our Family and Yours

A Family on Green Food Superfoods

Before Purium introduces any new product, Purium Co-Founder and President Amy Venner asks herself one simple question - "Is this something I would give my daughters Madilyn and Addison?"

Amy doesn't want her daughters consuming unhealthy food, and doesn't want your kids to consume unhealthy foods, either. She knows that what we DON'T put in our products is as important as what we DO put in.

Help your family stay healthy NATURALLY ... easily with Purium

Purium products are designed to provide nutrients necessary to support healthy immune and digestive function, and keep the whole family nourished ... without any unnecessary ingredients. That means absolutely NO artifical colors, NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners, NO genetically modified ingredients, NO irradiated ingredients, NO binders, fillers or synthetic ingredients of any kind.

Welcome to my independent Purium Products Super Store for the easiest and fastest shopping experience for the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet.

When you consider that nearly 40% of people online solely use their phones for their Internet experience, and do their online shopping, it behooves any business owner (such as myself) to provide customers with the best shopping experience possible ... to make it easy for you to buy.

If you're shopping from your phone right now, you'll notice how easy this site is to read and navigate. My goal is to provide you an "Amazon"-like buying experience for you here.

YOU are the one who is important here. Without you, I have no business! So I want to provide you with exceptional service ... offering you the best products money can buy, at reasonable prices.

You get a full 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee. If you're dissatisfied with any Purium Product for any reason, you may return the unused portion for a full refund. No questions asked.

​I truly appreciate your business!

Wayne Gerald

Why I Started Purium - by David Sandoval


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